Video 1

About the Game - Learning while playing

In this first video „Learning while playing” we would like to give you an overview about the board game for Financial Literacy Hamsterrad (German Version). Here we will explain how the financial challenges of everyday live can be simulated, experienced and mastered.

Video 2

Learning and Communication - Lets speak constructive about Finances while Playing

In the second video „Lets speak constructive about Finances while playing “ we would like to show you why playing Hamsterrad in the family, with the partner, with the kids is a great way to learn important competences for the economic daily live.

Video 3

When Learning is Fun and Lasting

In the third video „When Learning makes fun and is lasting“ you will discover why the board game Hamsterrad is a great teaching aid for Financial Literacy in the classroom.

The name for the English Version of the game Hamsterrad will be „Pocket Money Management“ –
As soon as we found the right Partner we like to publish the English version. - Please stay in touch.
Playing = Practice for Real Life!

Respekt each other - Listen to each other - Understand each other - Learn from each other -