Pocket Money Management

– the book for the game based workshop

Pocket Money Management is the book for conducting a game based workshop for Finedu and Finlit in the classroom. It is mainly geared toward grades 8-10 (students aged 12 – 16).
The Workshop is activity and practice-oriented thanks to a board game called Hamsterrad.
The English Version “Pocket Money Management” will be available in 2018.
The game ranked among Germany’s best be educational games in 2011.
Pocket Money Management contains detailed descriptions on preparation, implementation and follow-up of the workshops. A great many challenging exercises, examples and suggestions help the teacher to plan practical, age-appropriate lessons in consumer education.

What’s the point in passing exams and having good grades if they do not qualify you for daily life?Walter Berger

Playing =
Real-Life Practice!

  • 01

    Financial literacy for everyday life

  • 02

    economic education in the class

  • 03

    Preparation, implementation and follow-up of a game based workshop.

  • 04

    Expenses, income, financial status, private budgeting.

  • 05

    Conscious about advertisement and my consumer behavior

  • 06

    Fun! Learning while playing!

Good teachers don’t teach subjects, they teach human beings!

I would like to thank all the teachers who gave me the opportunity to conduct a game based workshop with their students or use Hamster Wheel as a supportive learning aid for economic education. Heartfelt thanks also go to those who spend their spare time on extension studies or attend(ed) webinars on the organization of game based workshops. Last but not least I’d like to show my perfect appreciation for the committed ones who make every endeavor to organize an experience-oriented game workshop related to real life (for the benefit of their students and consumers-to-be). Hopefully, this book can make a humble contribution to its successful preparation and implementation.Walter Berger