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"Do you really like to play a game about financial problems in your free time?" (ZDF reporter at the games fair in Essen)
"It's always a good time for the motivating experience to reduce debt, build reserves and get an overview of finances." Walter Berger


It´s time for a game!


The board game where you learn to handle the finances properly.

Playing=Real Life Practice!

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The AIM of Pocket Money Management is to experience and master the economic issues and challenges of everyday life in the board game.

The WINNER is the player whose first cash value is greater than 6 times the value of the monthly expenses and
the debts (without mortgages) are paid back!

Experience financial challenges and master playing

  • Discover effective debt reduction strategies
  • Save up reserves and move on
  • Recognize suitable investment opportunities
  • Handle cash properly
  • Set up an asset plan and keep track

One key element of the board game is the ASSETPLAN, in which each impact of the various event cards is recorded on income, expenses, assets and liabilities.

Class teacher of a 9th class

gamebased workshop

Talking to each other - Learning from each other

  • Simulation of the financial reality of everyday life
  • Try economic decisions and possible consequences
  • Talk about money and finances in the family
  • Every dice poses new financial challenges and requires intelligent solutions
  • Reduce debt, create reserves, gain an overview
  • The board game (German Version) was nominated for the German Educational Game Award

You roll yourselves through financial everyday life with all its facets.
... how to do that exactly you can experience and learn in this board game.

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gamebased workshop

Who should play Pocket Money Management!

  • Students and career starters who want to know something about finance without using their own money
  • Parents who want to talk to their children about money and finances
  • Teachers who want to teach their students age-appropriate, real life oriented and sustainable basic Financial Literacy
  • Young (and older) families who want to organize their finances together
  • Lecturers who want to give immigrants an idea about the economic characteristics of the host country
  • Everybody who wants to get to know their own spending behavior
  • Everyone who wants to learn intelligent financial strategies in a board game

Only 2 pages of board game instructions. That´s benchmark.

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