Prosperity for Everyone

Yes we can! … but how and when?

Prosperity is the state of flourishing, thriving, good fortune and/or successful social Status. Prosperity often encompasses wealth but also includes other factors which are Independent of wealth to varying degrees, such as happiness and health.wikipedia. org/wiki/Prosperity, dec, 15, 2011
How are you?
Describe your current situation (personal, professional, financial etc.) and allow yourself to be guided by the following questions.
• How satisfied am I with this situation? What is good and pleasing?
• What troubles me? What makes me angry? What stresses me?
• How did the current situation come about? What are the causes?
• How will my situation develop, in the next 6 months and in the next 5 years?
• What advantages and what disadvantages this development will have?
• What would an ideal situation be like?
• What could I do to be really happy and content?
WHAT WILL I DO? HOW DO I SOLVE THE PROBLEM? WHAT IS NECESSARY?Prosperity for everyone - Cash check
If you want to be taken seriously,
then take yourself seriously first!Prosperity for everyone - Cash check

Overview, realistic Goals, self-reliance and optimism!

  • 01

    Receive an overview to your current financial situation, honest, realistic and free from emotional stress!

  • 02

    Evaluate your actual economic situation, eventually existing problems and estimate the possible development in a realistic manner.

  • 03

    Realize choices and rational ways of acting and existing possibilities for goal oriented effective actions.

  • 04

    Get active! Set and write down your next right steps, and do it..

  • 05

    Control the results and live self-reliant.

  • 05

    If you want to be taken seriously, then take yourself seriously first!

The book is so smart and lovingly written that it is a great help for everyone in any (financial) situation. Anyone who has a clear view (about his finances) can not be so easily trapped by financial surprises in everyday life. I can only recommend it!book review on amazon

Everything is temporary!
But some things just take a little longer! Roy Eugene Davis
Stay realistic –
create reserves!Walter Berger
Learn to see the things as they really are and not as we imagine they are! Vernon Howard

Short overview

This “work book” is a straightforward guide to help you to record your current financial situation in a structured way. You will be able to see the income you can reckon with more clearly, what you spend money on, which debts you have, what reserves are available to you, how you feel about the subject of money and finances or where you have or could have a problem. You learn simple ways of reducing debts and creating reserves. You draw up a detailed income and expenditure budget and a current financial status. At the end of every section you can write down important goals and milestones and decide what you want to achieve and how you should act now. This orientation will have a motivating effect on your everyday life and encourage you act consistently. Practical examples and easy-to-understand copy templates facilitate implementation in your day-to-day life.