Playing = Real-Life Practice!

"Financial challenges can't often be avoided.
But we can respond intelligently and appropriately.
Learn the necessary financial basics while playing.
Walter Berger

Pocket Money Management
Learning about Finances while playing!

  • Board game to face financial challenges and master them while playing!
  • Reduce debt
  • Build up reserves
  • Get an overview
  • Recognize possibilities
  • Experience impact
  • talk to teach other
  • understand others better

Easy to understand, fast to play, much to calculate and to write down.

Spieleexpress „Hamsterrad, wirtschaften will gelernt sein“

On recommendation, we bought the game for Christmas time and played it already thrice quite thrilled

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Game Based Workshop
Financial Literacy
in School

  • Game based workshop to teach basic financial literacy in the classroom
  • Age-appropriate, relevant to everyday life and experience-oriented
  • Simulation of everyday financial challenges
  • Create a private budget realistically
  • Try out financial decisions and their consequences
  • Teaching aid for teachers and multipliers
  • motivating, creative environment

The game is not only interesting and entertaining, it also boosts the awareness for the spending behaviors (and awareness of debt issues) of the  students.

Game based Workshop with a 9th class

The overall structure of the workshop is logically integrated through group work: Awareness of spending is awakened

D. Günther, private business school

Books and more...
No Time, no Desire to Play?

"Information and opinions are meaningless if not used properly!"

Books as a guide for

  • Game based workshops in School
  • Game based workshops with Immigrants
  • Financial overview for meaningful action in everyday life

Webinar "Out of the debts" -
anonymous and free (in German language)

Explanation Videos on YouTube - understandable and real life oriented

Children are told stories, so they fall asleep.
Adults are told stories, so that they wake up!

Jorge Bucay

Anyone who has a realistic overview that can not easily blow surprises in everyday life. I can only recommend it!

Review on amazon - Prosperity for Everyone

About us

With games, books, game based workshops, explanatory videos and webinars, we want to support students, career starters, young adults and families to receive a sustainable basic financial education.
Everyone should be sufficiently qualified to make meaningful decisions in everyday economic life.

I look forward to your interesting inquiries, constructive contributions and helpful suggestions.
Your Walter Berger

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