The game based workshop for

Financial literacy in school

Playing=Real Life Practice!


“The basis is not reflecting on how to influence a child’s development through teaching and education, but how you can create an environment that promotes the child’s free, individual development.” Maria Montessori

Financial Literacy in our Schools - efficient and lasting

In this workshop the focus is on creating interesting scenarios and motivating framework conditions in order to illuminate important economic contexts and foster the development of essential problem-solving skills.

The benefits for using a board game in a workshop are obvious, to present Financial Literacy experience-oriented, age-appropriate, close to real life and in a fun way.

The workshop is mainly geared towards students aged 12-16 (secundary school).

How to conduct a workshop for Financial Literacy in school?


The board game for Financial Literacy

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The book for conducting a workshop

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The complete toolbox for conducting a workshop

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Agenda for the workshop

  • Expenses
    • What do I spend money on?
    • How much does it cost to rent an apartment?
  • Consumption and advertising
  • Income
    • Had a job? What? How much did you earn?
    • Gross-net - what´s left of your wages?
  • Financial status /Budgeting
    • Getting an overview
    • Avoiding basic mistakes
    • How do you decide wisely?
  • Play Pocket Money Management and master real life financial challenges

The great thing about playing financial issues with Pocket Money Management is that there will be no errors or mistakes, just results and they can be erased by paying them with play money.


Aims for the workshop: Experience Oriented and Life Relevant

  • A budget is set up
  • The financial reality of everyday life is simulated
  • Gain basic economic knowledge
  • Reflecting the students current spending behavior
  • Economic connections and interactions are pointed out
  • Together work, discuss, present, listen, play
  • Fun while learning in a stimulation and dynimic environment


Be Open and Receptive, Respect and Listen, Learn and Express,
have Fun while Learning with a Board Game!

Why Age-Appropriate learning?

Age 12-16
Puberty and Adolescence
This sensitive stage of life comes with some peculiarities, a need for:

  • freedom an discipline
  • self-organization and autonomy
  • economic independence
  • learning by experience
  • getting their bearings in the adult world
  • having one´s own opinion
  • interest in society

6 good reasons for conducting a practical, fun and lasting workshop for Financial Literacy with a board game
  1. The financial reality of everday life is simulated.
  2. Teachers are supported with a practical and useful approach to teaching financial literacy
  3. Students can try out economic and financial decisions and their possible consequences
  4. Gaining economic knowledge and practical experiences without having to invest real money
  5. The game enables learning in an motivating and creative environment
  6. It supports and open and constructive communication about money-issues